Choosing the right size

How do I find the size that suits me? When we shopping online, it is especially difficult to find the right size. Normally we order the items in the usual size, but due to the differences between countries, many manufacturers publish their own size charts. You can find out your perfect garment size from the our size table.

Why do we buy clothes that don’t really fit? There are many different reasons for this, for example:

Many products are manufactured abroad and for the manufacture the dimensions of the population are taken from this region. The population of the producing countries China, Bangladesh etc. has a smaller clothing size than the population in Europe. But also in Europe there are national physical differences in the clothing sizes. According to a study, women in Denmark are on average larger than women in France or Italy.

However, this problem is quickly solved: With a measuring tape you can determine the suitable size. We will explain to you how best to measure chest circumference, arm length, etc. Afterwards, a glance at our size chart is enough to ensure that every order you place fits like a glove. The size chart given are the measurements in cm given only as a guide and may vary for T-shirts.



The T-Shirt is a little smaller according to the European size specifications, if you like to wear it a little looser we recommend to order one size bigger.


The T-shirt is a little tighter due to the waisted cut, if you like to wear it a little looser we recommend to order one size bigger.


Sizing Chats

In order to obtain an accurate measurement result, the tape measure should be applied directly to the body. Please make sure that it is not pressed too tightly, depending on the tape measure, it may have sharp edges and cause cuts. Do not wear jackets or thicker clothing when measuring, as this may affect the measurement result.


  • Chest: The measurement should begin directly under the arm, near the armpit. Please place the tape measure in the chest area at the strongest point of the chest and start measuring. The tape measure should be placed horizontally from one side (under the arm) to the other side (under the arm). You can then compare the result of this measurement in our size chart.


  • Torso: To measure the upper body, the tape measure should be applied to the shoulder, right next to your neck. Measure vertically down to the waist, please make sure that the tape measure does not constrict.