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According to a study, many households wash their laundry on average 2 times a week. Washing a lot of clothes makes the colour pale, it becomes porous and starts to crack. It is worse when the new garment shrinks and becomes smaller during the first wash. We will give you a helpful tip so that something like this doesn’t happen and you can wear your favourite items a little longer…


After the laundry has been sorted, the washing program and the right detergents have been selected, can you get started?

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the laundry (despite correct use of the instructions) shrinks or the color fades. However, this has a lot to do with the production of the product, even an expensive product can go down after a few washes.

To maintain the shape of the T-shirt, the cotton threads are stretched during weaving. Already here the threads are stretched a little longer than usual to save material. The result of this production is that when the fabric comes into contact with water and heat, the threads shrink back to their original length.

Through our research and trials on cotton textiles, we can share our experience on how to retain garments longer in shape and color.

This principle only works with new products that have not yet had the first wash.


  • Unpack the new T-shirt and remove the label and paper
  • Pour cold water into a container (bucket, bowl…)
  • Dip the new T-shirt in the cold water
  • Stir the T-shirt with your hand until it is soaked with water
  • Leave the T-shirt in cold water for up to approx. 30 hours
  • At the end of the time, remove the T-shirt from the container and hang it up to dry (Please do not put in the tumble dryer)

ATTENTION: Please separate the textiles by color and put them in a container with cold water.


We tested this method with two T-shirts from the same production and got a difference of up to 10%. The T-shirt on which the method described was tested retained its shape to 99.9%.

Our tests were conducted with well-known T-shirt brands. We do not guarantee that the method used will work with any other textile brand.


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